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Fireworks Extravaganza - Saturday 8th November at 5.30 pm - Click this slide to BUY Tickets

Great food and drink

Enjoy a Hot Mulled Wine to keep the winter chill away or tasty BBQ burgers & hotdogs

Family friendly SHOW - well lit and secure.

support local LIVE events in Marlow - make sure you get TICKETS !


FAMILY FUN - Shows, Food, Rides, Fairground Rides - well lit and SAFE

Full Licenced BAR - range drinks

Includes Rebellion Beer, Mulled Wine and other drinks to keep away the winter chill

Amazing display - set the night on FIRE !

STAR FIREWORKS win coveted National Fireworks Competition !

A proper Fireworks night with all the family

Due to expected high demand this year the tickets will be limited - make sure you get yours in time

Always bringing you the BIGGEST and the BEST display

see the rockets, showers, whirlywheels, boosters and the rest - an event to remember

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Organised by Friends of Burford and PFC

This annual event is organised by Friends Of Burford a Local Buckinghamshire school PTA and Playing Fields Committee - a charity dedicated to maintaining the local open space. All of the proceeds go to these two local Marlow Bottom organisations, the funds being split equally.

It has grown over the years into a huge success, being a firm date in the annual calendar and favourite with locals. Over 2000 people attend each year, safely enjoying top quality fireworks in the cheerful atmosphere of Burford School. With the Fairground rides, BBQ, music, bar with Rebellion Beer, hot drinks, hot doughnuts, candy floss, glow items and sweets there is truly something for everyone !

In case you are new to the area or have not been before - these slides above will give a small taste of the event. If you imagine a "traditional" local Family Fireworks evening, which is well lit and safe you will have the idea. So don't delay - come and join in the fun and buy your tickets. Order your tickets online - now (its cheaper and easier) ...

there is news & clips from last years show and slides above

We are selling tickets mainly online - however they will be available from some local Marlow outlets until we sell out ! So please make sure you get yours in plenty of time. The physical tickets (whilst/when available) will be on sale from Marlow Tourist Information and Longhursts which is in Marlow Bottom.

To purchase your ticket online we are using the very successful e-Ticketing service which many people by now will be familiar with. You can securely order the tickets which you need and you are then emailed a receipt (to print off) as well as an e-Ticket as soon as you have paid. Many people will have used eTickets before, however for those who may not be familiar we will explain how they work.

After paying for the ticket, you will receive an email with a login which lets you access the eTicket anytime you like. You will need to either PRINT OFF a copy of the eTicket or bring it along with you - or keep a copy on your smartphone which can be presented at the gate.

If your group contains a number of Adults, it will be cheaper online to purchase a group ticket although you must all arrive together.The actual ticket is then scanned and the number of people (e..g single, groups, family etc) are then allowed in.

purchase tickets by clicking the orange button below or on this link HERE FOR EVENTBRIGHT

Ticket Prices / Info

The prices and detail about age and so forth are displayed below, to buy TICKETS then simply click the GET TICKETS button and you will be taken to our ticket site. There is a FEE charged for buying tickets and so buying a group ticket works out much cheaper, there are various mixed group tickets available so please make sure you purchase the right one.

  • Children's Tickets

    Children's Tickets are £5 each for anyone under 13 years on the day of the event. Any child under 4 is allowed in for free. 

  • Group / Family Tickets

    A Family Ticket is £20 and admits one family group of up to two adults and two children (under 13).

    There is also a Group Ticket that admits between 2 and 4 adults for various staggered prices.

  • Adult Tickets

    Adult tickets are £6 each and admit one person. You can also get multiple adult tickets using the Group tickets (2,3, or 4 adults). An Adult is anyone who will be 13 or over on the day of the event.  


  • Clip Of Show From Last Year

    Many people take "wobbly" smartphone clips of the Fireworks show and share them online. We have linked this into the website to try and give a view of the event or at least a flavour. I think that if you want to try and judge how good a Firewoks show is you are better served looking at the still pictures we took for the slides above, rather than ome postage stamp sized clips !

  • Highlights - by Howard Williams

    Here are my own poorly taken video clips from the 2009 show. Its hard to get the sense of a horizon wide show from small, square clips like these. I do remember this event as it was the first one my children went to and they had a fantasic time - eating everyting they saw, helping set up the show and staying behind to take it down ! In fact they ask every year since if they can ghelp me on the gate !

  • Facebook Stream

  • Some 2012 Footage - Last Year

    This footage picks up the sound well, however the Fireworks are again sadly out of focus, it so hard to focus a phone at temporary lights ! We will try if we get the opportunity to take some HD clips this year using a decent device and then post that for next years website !

During the run-up to the event in November 2014 we will keep this site up to date with any relevant details as they occur - do check the FACEBOOK stream above

The event will be a great family occasion, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time. We have a large number of helpers on the gates and inside the site, the Fireworks are set off from an adjacent field, seperated by a fence to eensure a ciompletedly safe family event.The area is very well lit, with numerous floodlights as we all like to see our children and what we are eating on the night !

The best views are from the large hard-standing area (playground) at the top of the site, with enough, well lit room for everyone to stand and watch the display safely. There is also a large fence to ensure children and spectators keep well away from the firework launcgh area in the adjacent field. Down from the top area there is a bar as well as a Fairground and Stalls area - with rides, displays, games, fun for all the family ! This area includes a full licenced bar, candy floss, hot and cold drinks, sweets, donuts, hot food stall selections and rides and atractions to amuse the children.

You can see the site map by clicking on the google map above. There is also a flag on the map indicating entry points and you can use this with Google to help with directions if needed. You can also click here for a LINK TO A LARGE MAP

There is NO PARKING on the site, as access will be needed at all times for safety and emergency services. Local people will all walk to the event, so if you are driving from further afield you may find parking in the surrounding area of Marlow Bottom. If you do park then please be careful of peoples driveways and access. These events are only possible because of local support and so please be considerate about the people who live close by. We are able to hold events because of existing good relations with the local residents and want to retain this into the future.

We get tremendous support from all the residents of Marlow Bottom and the surrounding area. Marlow Bottom Playing Fields is a registered UK Charity and the proceeds from our events go towards maintaining and improving the playing fields for the community. Please show your support and link and "like us" on Twitter or Facebook, you can also click and SHARE this website and the event with your friends !

To contact us for the actual event organisation please contact